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In consultations, the indicators that were proposed by members and partners tended towards three categories per commitment, for an approximate total of 30 indicators: A) legal indicators measuring presence or lack of a legal and institutional framework surrounding a land issue, B) implementation indicators measuring to what degree policies or programs established in such frameworks had been implemented, and C) outcome, impact or perception-based indicators that measured the results of implemented projects or policies. Besides these core, standardised indicators, LANDex allows for a flexible approach by facilitating the integration of country specific indicators.

LANDex Methodologies

When developing LANDex methodologies, our aim was not to reinvent the wheel but to collaborate with as many local, national, regional and global initiatives as possible. This allowed LANDex to align itself with and upscale existing land monitoring initiatives. LANDex currently employs four types of methodologies, each of which was dictated by kind of indicator and the information that we wished to generate. They are i) a sample of people-based assessments, drawing responses from a diversity of sectors, ii) calculation-based assessments, using official or best available data, iii) survey-based data, disaggregated from national survey data collected by partners such as PRIndex and Transparency International, and iv) one LANDex indicator (10C) employs the crowd-sourced reporting of violations against land and environment defenders (LEDs), coordinated through the Defend the Defenders Coalition. All methodologies will be reviewed and revised with 2018 pilots to identify opportunities for improvement.

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