Protection of Land Rights Defenders


Attacks against Indigenous, land and environmental defenders

10C is an outcome indicator that represents the number of direct attacks on Indigenous, land and environmental defenders as documented in the last reporting period by the ALLIED Data Working Group. There is no score for 10C – no amount of violence against defenders is acceptable – and it does not currently contribute to LANDex index scores.

Indicator 10C is led by the data working group of ALLIED, co-led by ILC and the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre.


The Alliance for Land, Indigenous and Environmental Defenders (ALLIED) is a global coalition working to build protection skills among defenders, strengthen government and business safeguards for defenders, and protect civil society actors who are addressing root causes of threats and attacks on defenders.

Through collecting and using data; improving, and expanding supports and solidarity networks, and advancing advocacy and legal action at the international, regional and national level, we can respond to and prevent attacks against defenders and end systems of impunity.

The Data Working Group of ALLIED is a sub-group of 20 organisations work to reduce fragmentation of data on attacks against defenders, creating a global consolidated database of lethal and non-lethal attacks faced by Indigenous, Land and Environmental Defenders (ILEDs). 

In LANDex, we host the integrated dataset on lethal and non-lethal attacks faces by ILEDs. The dataset represents attacks documented against defenders by nine data collecting organisations working at the local, regional and global level. This dataset is private, but aggregate findings have been published in the Hidden Iceberg series. More information on the data and the advocacy being done with this work can be found at the ALLIED website, linked above.