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Le contexte de COVID-19 a mis les défenseurs de la terre et de l’environnement, leurs organisations et leurs communautés en danger. Aidez-nous à documenter ces schémas de répression, de violence et de représailles en partageant des cas et affaires en lien avec le COVID-19, en toute sécurité

Soumettre des cas COVID-19

Agir efficacement contre l'accaparement des terres

9B.1 Cas pour lesquels des tentatives de violation de droits fonciers ont été contestées


Calculation Based on Existing Data

This indicator looks at the presence of conflict in all large-scale land acquisitions (LSLA) documented over the last 12 months.

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This is a negative indicator, where the highest score (100) represents the least favorable situation, in this case the highest possible level of conflict and challenges to large-scale land acquisitions.

For this indicator (and 9C), we have defined LSLA according to that used by partner initiative Land Matrix, which defines them as the acquisition of any tract of land larger than 200 hectares that meets all of the following criteria:

– Entails the transfer of rights to use, control or own land through sale, lease or concession.

– Signed sometime since the year 2000, when the annualized value of the FAO Real Food Price Index was at its lowest.

– Entails the conversion of land from local community use or from important ecosystem-service provision to commercial production.

For this indicator, you will need two datasets:

1: Total number of large-scale land acquisitions (intended, failed or concluded) from the year 2000 until the present date.

2: Total number of large-scale land acquisitions where conflict was present (i.e. of the total number above, how many included conflict).

For many countries, this data will be available on Land Matrix, though any source of data can be used.

Informations de Base
Block 1: Large-Scale Land Acquisitions Since 2000

Block 1/2

Methodology: LANDex

Block 2: Number of LSLA (from above) that Included Conflict

Block 2/2

Methodology: LANDex