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Privacy and Consent

Data Privacy Consent Statement

By submitting data to LANDex, you are consenting to the following terms. Your consent can be revoked at any time writing directly to this email address.

  1. I consent to the collection, processing and public sharing of the data included in my submission to LANDex that, unless I have indicated a desire to remain anonymous, will include a) full name, b) email address and c) name of organization.
  2. If I have indicated a desire to remain anonymous, I consent to the collection, processing and public sharing of my non-personal data, which includes a) the sector of my organization, b) my responses to the questions asked and c) any references provided with these responses.

All data in the LANDex platform is stored in encrypted form in a data center located in the United Kingdom. All data is protected against unauthorized access through encrypted transmission and storage, subject to daily backups on secure servers.

Data stored in LANDex is accessible only to authorized individuals, who review the data only for purposes of quality control before approving it internally. Users are not allowed to modify any of the data submitted unless explicit consent is given by the owner of the data or the request has come directly from them.

Anyone who has submitted data to the LANDex platform has the right to have any erroneous data modified and the right to request that data be removed and deleted from the platform at any time. If you do not request that your data be deleted, it will remain stored in LANDex.


For non-commercial purposes, any required permission is hereby granted and no further permission must be obtained, but acknowledgement to the original source of data must be made – the primary source, if referring to data derived from an existing dataset, or the name of the country and respondent, if an individual dataset is being referenced.


Individuals, communities or institutions contributing data to LANDex retain full ownership over their data. Contributors can choose, at any time, to remove their data.