Transparent and Accessible Information

8B National information on public land deals are made publicly available


People-Based Assessment

This indicator measures to what degree information on land is searchable, transparent and accessible.

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This indicator is comprised of three blocks.

In these blocks, you will be asked to respond to questions in two different ways: some questions will be answered Yes (Y), No (N). Other questions will be answered on a scale of 0-3, according to descriptions available next to the possible responses.

Please choose the response that best represents the situation in your country.

Under each response, you will be provided with a space to add references and detail to justify your response.

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Basic Information
Block 1: Completeness and Accessibility of Land Registry

Block 1/3

Methodology: LANDex and Land Governance Assessment Framework (LGAF)

Block 2: Public Access to Records and Disaggregation

Block 2/3

Methodology: LANDex and Trocaire (adapted)

Block 3: Land Deals Published

Block 3/3

Methodology: Transparency International