Enviar casos relacionados a COVID-19

El contexto de COVID-19 ha puesto a los defensores de la tierra y del medio ambiente, a sus organizaciones y a sus comunidades en mayor riesgo. Ayúdenos a documentar estas formas de represión, violencia y represalias contribuyendo de manera segura casos.

Enviar casos de COVID-19

Informando sobre los SDG

Using LANDex to monitor the SDGs allows us to highlight how land, land rights and land governance are woven throughout social, economic and environmental goals, targets and indicators of the SDGs.

LANDex uses diverse sources of data that is processed according to standard methodologies, promoting a data ecosystem that prioritizes people-centred data while generating comparable data that allows land governance to be tracked across countries over time. We can apply data in LANDex to a number of SDGs, contributing to our understanding of progress towards land rights in Agenda 2030.

This reporting is based on the LANDex-SDG index – currently available in Technical Annex of Nepal report – which shows a summary of the alignment done between LANDex and SDG indicators, targets and goals.

While the proposed mapping has accounted for methodological and conceptual overlap between SDG and LANDex indicators, the mapping represented below is not an exhaustive or exclusive list of the possible relationships between LANDex and the SDGs. Three kinds of relationships between LANDex indicators and the SDGs were considered in the current index: