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The context of COVID-19 has put land and environment defenders, their organizations and communities at increased risk. Help us to document these patterns of repression, violence and reprisals by securely contributing cases.

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Protection of Land Rights Defenders

10A Legal and institutional framework in place at national level protects land rights defenders


People-Based Assessment

This indicator measures to what degree the legal and institutional framework in a country is contributing to creating an enabling environment for land and environmental defenders (LED) and human rights defenders, more broadly.


Methodology for this indicator was derived from the International Service for Human Rights (ISHR) Model Law for the Recognition and Protection of Human Rights Defenders. More information on the Model Law is available here.

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For this block, you will be asked to respond to questions in two different ways: some questions will be answered Yes (Y), No (N) or in cases that they don't apply as Not Applicable (N/A). Other questions will be answered on a scale of 0-3, according to descriptions available next to the possible responses.

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Basic Information
Block 1: General Provisions

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Block 2: Rights of Human Right Defenders and Responsibilities to Defend

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Block 3: Obligations of Public Authorities

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Block 4: Mechanisms for Protecting Human Rights Defenders

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